Stand Up Paddle Board Hire

Sydney Harbour Stand-up Paddle Board Hire

Point Piper Kayak Centre in Sydney’s Rose Bay has a great range of stand up paddle boards (SUP) for hire, ranging from the light person board to larger 14 foot boards. Stand up paddle boarding is great fun for people of all ages – we even have small junior boards for children.

For beginners, we recommend you hire one our softer boards. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can then try one of our racing boards for a faster ride.

Our most popular is the 12 foot soft SUP – with its hard epoxy and a firm yet soft coating, it has fantastic grip and durability.

If you’re looking for a longer day out on the harbour, we’ll suggest you try one of our larger boards made from quality epoxy to give you that extra bit of security. If you’re struggling to find the paddle board that’s right for you, we offer you the option to try several crafts during your period of hire.

Point Piper Kayak Centre is located right on the beach next door to Rose Bay Park, overlooking the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour. The beach is protected from the wind so you can paddle with ease in almost any condition. The beach area is quiet and safe, so the whole family can come down.

We also provide stand up paddle boarding lessons on request, but we give great instructions and lots of handy tips when you come in and hire.

Buy Your Next Board from Us

With so many years of experience hiring SUPs all year round, we’ve come to know what is what in the boarding world, and we have now ventured into sales.

Our wide range of cruise SUPs are best suited for those who enjoy paddle boarding in a variety of conditions, such as flat water and breaking waves. They’re built with a wide body, which means more stability for the paddler, making them a good choice for long distance paddling, fishing and exploring.

Our race SUPs, while faster, are not at all unstable. With their pointed nose and lighter body, they’re ideal for slicing through the water to give you a smooth, fast performance. At under $1000, they’re a great deal.

Our stock of surf stand up paddle boards are suited for the more advanced and experienced riders who can be confident of not falling off in rougher conditions. Shorter in length and lighter than our flat water SUPs, they’re made from strong and durable epoxy to withstand bumpy water, while still allowing riders to easily catch and manoeuvre along the waves.

Standup Paddle Sydney Harbour with Us at Point Piper Kayak Hire

Whether you’re looking to hire or buy a paddle board, choose us for your next SUP experience. We’re right on the beach next door to Rose Bay Park, so you can start paddling in the glorious Sydney Harbour right from the start. Call Lance O’Connor today on 0418 400 080 to find the SUP that’s just right for you.

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