Keep you SUP Paddle board going straight with out changing sides

Stand Up Paddle Boarding / Sup lessons  – do you need them or not?

SUP paddling is a fun sport you can simply paddle around & have a great view from standing up on your SUP board but most people have to change their stroke from side to side to keep the paddle board going straight or turn.

If this is you – enrolling in a Sup lesson might be advisable –  a simple C/J stroke will improve your technique & get you going faster without changing sides every 3-4 strokes,  you should be able to do 10 to 20 strokes before you change sides.

At the moment you are most likely just paddling socially and pulling your paddle either down the side of the board or placing it at the catch close to the board then pulling away from the board – this is incorrect.

The Sup paddle stroke is similar to the Olympic C boat stroke this  been around for 100s of years also a similar stroke is the outrigger style or similar but  adaptable to the Sup Paddle Board

If you want to improve you Stand Up Paddle Boarding  give us a call

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